Who we are

We are a team of passionate generalists, agile connectors, and audacious thinkers who find purpose in working with like-minded partners on some of the world's most intractable challenges.

About us

We understand our clients' needs because we've often been in their shoes.

And we're committed to using our expertise and network to foster change that improves the lives of people across the globe.

Before joining Panorama, we were researchers, mediators, development practitioners, philanthropic program officers, health advocates, and political strategists. We've worked across numerous issue areas, including non-communicable diseases, HIV prevention, vaccine uptake, climate and environment, and food security.

We are guided by a solutions-driven mindset and core values that challenge individuals and organizations to think audaciously, question convention, and consider creative solutions that can bring sustainable social change.

How we work together

Our work is always oriented towards delivering actionable recommendations designed to accelerate progress for our clients. Through meaningful collaboration, we are committed to meeting clients' needs and ambitions with customized guidance rooted in evidence, lessons learned, and innovative thinking.

Our team at Panorama Strategy is able to deliver action, change, and progress because we dive deep into our projects to understand the full spectrum of each issue. Our perspective relies on both micro-level details and macro-level context in order to identify an issue's position within a complete ecosystem. By forming this complete picture of an issue from all sides we are able to more quickly pinpoint and pull each of the levers needed to drive progress forward.

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Our team

Our team embodies an unquenchable drive to do good, a personal commitment to deliver the most impactful work possible, and a curiosity and openness to new approaches and smarter, more informed solutions.

We combine expertise from across issue areas with extensive networks across every sector to support, strengthen, and accelerate every partnership we engage in.

Our values

Global Perspective
Embrace diverse thinking and perspectives
See the big picture and example all angles
Wholly commit to principles and purpose
Servant Leadership
Mission-driven, working for the greater good
Act boldly and create a ripple effect

Our culture

These guiding principles of our culture help us show up every day ready to do our best work for ourselves, our team, and our partners.

Collaboration and partnership
Diversity, equity, and inclusion
Trust and transparency
Lifting each other up
Openess to risk and change
Continuous learning and improvement

Careers at Panorama

We are always looking for audacious thinkers with diverse sets of experience to join our team. Join us to tackle some of the world's greatest challenges.
Your vision

Your vision.

Our Platform

Our platform.