What we do

We work with ambitious leaders from across sectors and geographies to identify, design, and implement solutions – powered by the full breadth of Panorama's platform for social change.

Our approach is built on a foundation of empathy and pragmatic idealism.

Our approach to partnership combines systems-thinking and people-centered design, not only requiring us to be humble, curious, and learn before we act, but also to consider every tool available as we strive for a better world. In practice this means that we deliver actionable solutions—not reports that gather dust on shelves or get lost in long forgotten hard drives—and come to the table as true collaborators, invested in our clients' work and the impact it can have.

Panorama's project teams are designed to include the diversity of expertise, perspectives, and background needed to challenge thinking, question convention, and raise ambition as we work together to tackle some of the greatest problems facing the world today.

Our services

We deliver practical recommendations, innovative solutions, and customized guidance, all rooted in lessons learned and innovative thinking.

Strategy development

Examining an issue from all angles to develop creative and actionable strategies that help our clients move swiftly and strategically from ideation to realization.

This includes: Landscape analysis, theory of change, organizational and operational considerations, program design, and resource mobilization.

Stakeholder engagement

Identifying key players relevant to an issue and supporting in building, prioritizing, and navigating relationships.

This includes:
Stakeholder mapping, convenings, meeting and workshop facilitation, and stakeholder interviews.

Strategic communications

Building capacity to develop value propositions and strategically communicate positions on issues for the right audience through the right channels and helping set agendas to fulfill a mission.

This includes: Thought leadership, policy analysis, tailored and targeted messaging, and identifying audiences, tactics, and channels.


Building capacity to engage with decision-makers and leverage networks of experts to enhance impact.

This includes: Building coalitions, tracking trends, engaging decision-makers, mobilizing the public, cultivating champions, and evidence generation.

Our clients

We work with a range of clients across sectors looking to make a positive social impact in the world.

Working with a diverse set of partners uniquely informs our perspective on organizational strategy development, as we understand the interconnected nature of stakeholder networks and their influence in driving change and impact.

Foundations & Philanthropies
Governments & Multilaterals
Private Sector &
Social Entrepreneurs

Our focus areas

Panorama Strategy tackles a wide range of issues, recognizing there are common connections, patterns, intersections, and cross-cutting solutions between them. We are passionate generalists with the diversity of backgrounds and expertise needed to quickly take on new challenges and identify actionable solutions.

Regardless of sector or issue area, we are dedicated to partnering wherever our technical skills and know-how can accelerate progress. Since our founding, our team has worked on projects supporting global-level impact on issues ranging from global health to climate and the environment to philanthropic partnerships and giving.

Your vision

Your vision.

Our Platform

Our platform.