Sarah Coney

Director, Operations
Sarah Coney

Sarah Coney is a Director of Operations who believes that asking strategic questions is key to developing sustainable outcomes. Sarah directs and manages day-to-day business operations and leads special initiatives to support the growth of Panorama Strategy. Sarah previously supported programmatic partnerships at Panorama Strategy, ranging from advocacy for global malaria eradication to strategy development around increasing U.S. private sector adoption of paid family and medical leave policies.

Sarah’s professional background in academia and consulting helped her develop a diverse skill set in research, strategic communications, and quantitative and qualitative analysis. Prior to joining Panorama, Sarah contributed to the design and execution of a large-scale research initiative for the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation on family planning. She has helped inform the programmatic strategy of non-profit organizations, agencies, and foundations on microfinance, safe water, and sustainable infrastructure. Her field experience includes conducting primary research in India and directing health project implementation in Uganda.

Sarah received her Master of Public Administration and Certificate in International Development Policy at the University of Washington, where she also received a Bachelor of Arts in International Studies and Political Science.

Taking advantage of Seattle’s thriving beer culture, Sarah has a goal to visit all dog-friendly microbreweries in the city with her Border Collie, Tallinn.