Jacob Hamalian

Program Officer
Jacob Hamalian

Jacob Hamalian is a Program Officer at Panorama Strategy. He is passionate about working with people to align on data-driven strategic visions. At Panorama he supports partners on strategy development, alignment building, stakeholder mapping, stakeholder engagement, data gathering, and data analysis.

As a multi-industry, social impact consultant, Jacob, has experience in for-profit management consulting, global non-profit programming and advocacy, and local government operations. He has managed projects in healthcare, workforce development, human rights, economic development, fragility, community programming, humanitarian relief, social services, and Christian education.

Jacob holds an MBA from the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee and a BA in Political Science and International Relations from Carleton College, MN.

When not engaging in Panorama initiatives, Jacob deliberates on which overly-complex boardgame to play, hunts for the best camping spot, advocates for intentional friendship, and helps folks activate business ideas. He lives with his partner, five chickens, and a cat in Eugene, OR.