It’s officially been 30 days since I started my journey as an Atlas Corps Fellow at Panorama Strategy. What does this entail, you might ask? Well, for starters:

  1. Shifting my base from India and travelling to the U.S. (for the first time)
  2. Identifying and finalizing housing in a WEEK
  3. Opting to wear heels on my first day at work (a questionable choice when the main means of commuting is by walking)

I survived, and despite the initial hiccups, the past month has been nothing short of incredible. I have met the most empathetic, generous, thoughtful people, who have helped me find my footing in a new place and environment.

The journey so far

The Atlas Corps Fellowship connects global talent with mission-driven organizations in the U.S. to strengthen emerging leaders and expand both individual and organizational impact. As part of my Fellowship, I am extremely fortunate to volunteer with the Panorama Strategy team – a social purpose consultancy that accelerates progress for clients through audacious thinking; we craft innovative solutions to pressing social problems.

My onboarding began with an organized list of tasks using the work management platform Asana that helped me navigate the nuances of the new internal systems. This was enriched by engaging in weekly coffee chats with colleagues that not only facilitated deeper connections but helped me to learn more about the work culture and everything I should explore when I am in Seattle.

Aparna at her new workspace in the Panorama Seattle offices.

The onboarding process included personality tests and creating a user manual to help co-workers know exactly what to expect when working with me! I am amazed at the organization's emphasis on nurturing individuals and fostering a positive work environment.

In this first month, I’ve had the opportunity to research and deep dive into two projects that tackle issues such as preventing child sexual abuse and supporting early-stage healthcare innovations improving health security. Both projects involve diverse stakeholders, and outcomes include supporting partners in identifying and bridging the existing gaps in the ecosystem. I look forward to applying my experience with social impact entrepreneurs to craft innovative solutions that drive sustainable impact at scale.

Meanwhile, as part of the Atlas Corps Virtual Leadership Institute, an online learning community, I have access to a global network that provides valuable professional development and peer-to-peer learning opportunities to accelerate my leadership journey. The courses delve into personal aspects of leadership, exploring team dynamics, and examining how to drive change and lead organizations.

A unique aspect of my Fellowship includes being part of the American India Foundation (AIF) community. I am also looking forward to attending the AIF Gala, a fundraising event in New York in May, where I can learn more about the various programs and meet partners, donors, and the AIF community.

What do I expect going forward?

I am excited to leverage my experience in the social impact sector in India to design and implement innovative solutions in the strategic consulting space. Each project, spanning sectors and geographies, promises a wealth of learning and insights. Finally, I can’t wait to explore the great city of Seattle, and its diverse food and culture!

Stay tuned for more insights and feel free to connect with me ( if you’re interested in partnering with Panorama Strategy to drive social change.